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411 Credibility Listing

Credit issuers, suppliers, and lenders view a 411 listing as a strong sign of business credibility that’s only obtained by an established business. A business owner can’t go directly to 411 to get setup; they only set you up once they find your business organically online. We pay List Yourself for your listing each month, so you can save $360 annually. Having a credibility listing means that you may be able to build your business faster and more exactly the way that you want it to be.


EIN and Entity Setup Assistance

Our business advising team helps you through the complex process of setting up your entity and your EIN saving you both time and money. Companies charge as much as $97 just for the setup of a business EIN, even though it can be obtained directly from at no cost. And, we work with you to setup the right entity, helping to reduce your personal liability and reducing your risk of lawsuits. That means not only building a better business but protecting yourself and your wealth as well


Business Name Credibility Check

Lenders and credit issuers have lists of restricted industries, and if your business name is on this list you will oftentimes be unfairly denied, or face more stringent underwriting requirements just because of others perceived bad behavior. Plus, the business credit reporting agencies also will issue you a lower credit score if you’re on one of these lists. Our advising team helps you properly setup your business name from the start to avoid being red flagged by the business reporting agencies, lenders, or credit issuers as high risk. Again, this can mean faster credit at better rates and that can lead to you achieving or exceeding your businessand personal goals.


Business Address Credibility Check

Lenders and credit issuers know whether the address you put on an application is a P.O. box, UPS address, home, or business address. If you have a non-preferred address, you’ll get denied automatically. We use the same credibility check that lenders use to help ensure your business address meets credit issuer and lender standards so you’ll know the quality before you even apply, helping you get an automated approval instead of a denial. Don’t let one little mistake (that’s easy to make) deny you access to the credit you need and when you need it.


Business Phone Credibility Check

Lenders and credit issuers have over 10 requirements your phone numbers must meet to get approved for credit and loans. We help ensure you meet the requirements for your phone and fax number so you’ll know you can get approved before you even apply. That simple but secret action (without help) can really make a difference in whether or not you get access to credit and at the best pricing


Website and Email Credibility Check

Your website and email address must meet certain criteria to get automated approvals when applying for business credit. We help you navigate these requirements, and setup your website and email address the right way so you can get automated approvals with credit issuers, and making it easier to get approved for business loans and credit lines. And approval means achieving what you’ve been working so hard to achieve.


Bank and Merchant Account Setup Assistance

Conventional banks have an internal credit score known as the Bank Rating that determines if you’ll be approved, or denied for business loans. Through the finance suite, you get education on how this score works so you can have a lendable Bank Rating to secure conventional bank loans. We also help you with setting up your bank account properly, helping you save time and money. So when we do some of the heavy lifting, you’re freed up to make more and keep more. It’s essential that you have the ability to accept credit cards to have a successful business. Through the finance suite you can access merchant accounts to accept credit cards from your customers, even if you are high risk and even if you’ve been turned down before. If you have an account now, we can even help you secure a backup account or get a new account with lower rates and less fees. And, depending on your type of business and customers, that can make a significant change in your profitability and ability to accept payments.


Fix Damaged Business Credit

Even one derogatory item on your business credit reports can get you denied for loans and credit cards, and even if you do get approved you’ll pay substantially more interest and get approved for less money on loans and credit cards. The finance suite provides you an easy way to dispute and fix inaccurate and harmful information on your business credit reports with Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, and Equifax, so you can have a strong business credit profile and score and be more lendable. More ‘lendable’ means access to credit to help you in reaching your financial benchmarks and personal goals.


Business Credit Report and Score Training

Business credit ( like your reputation for great products and/or services) is one of the most valuable assets a company has. As important as it is, most business owners don’t know what’s on their business credit reports, or even how to read a business report. The finance suite comes complete with video training that helps business owners successfully understand their business credit reports, and the multiple scores that appear on each report. With this training, you can build that business asset right from the start, or as soon as you start working with us.


Get Setup with D&B, Experian, and Equifax

Our finance suite we help you get established with Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, and Equifax Commercial. You’ll get setup with each agency, have your credit profiles activated, and even get your D-U-N-S number at no additional cost. These important steps, through Credit Site, allow you to establish your business credit, while saving the thousands-of-dollars some reporting agencies charge to do this. And, better business credit translates into more money to build and to grow your business when you need it.


Experian Smart Business Access

Through your finance suite you can also access your Experian Smart Business data throughout the business credit building process so you can see if you have a credit profile, score, and how many trade lines you have reporting. By knowing how many accounts you have reporting to Experian, you can save $600 annually because you won’t need to have access to full credit monitoring.


Exclusive Access to Starter Vendors

Being ‘financially successful and independent’ in your business means having access to credit. So, your finance suite provides you with an abundance of trade vendors you can get approved for immediately upon enrolling. These vendors offer products and services you are probably paying out-of-pocket for now, so just by getting approved you ease cash flow constraints. Plus, your new credit reports to all three business reporting agencies, helping you establish your initial business credit profile and score. And, this new credit requires no personal credit check, or personal guarantee for approval, helping you truly separate your consumer and commercial credit.


Access HIGH-Limit Store Credit Cards

Get access to high-limit, revolving store credit cards through most major retailers without a personal guarantee or personal credit check through your finance suite. You’ll be able to obtain credit with places like Amazon, Walmart, Dell, Apple, Costco, Sears, BP, Chevron, Sprint, and most other major retailers with individual credit limits of $10,000-$50,000. Plus, you can see each credit issuers underwriting guidelines, so you’ll know you can get approved before you even apply. And getting approved means being able to buy things you need for your business and to pay them off, through time, as you build revenue and profitability.



Access HIGH-Limit Fleet Credit Cards

Use cars, trucks or other vehicles in your business? Then you probably want or need to get access to high-limit, revolving fleet credit cards you can use at multiple locations for all types of vehicle needs including vehicle maintenance, tires, fuel, even major repairs. Fleet credit helps you cover your individual auto vehicle expenses, as well as those that occur when managing a fleet of vehicles.



Access HIGH-Limit Cash Credit Cards

Get access to high-limit, revolving CASH credit cards you can use at most stores worldwide. These Visa and MasterCard credit cards don’t require a personal credit check or a personal guarantee for approval, and allow you to take physical cash out of the cards. Plus, you can see each credit issuers underwriting guidelines, so you’ll know you can get approved before you even apply. How would it feel to have that insider’s knowledge? It’s a truly powerful advantage.



Unsecured, No-Doc, 0% Financing<

Want access to cash that also helps you to build business credit? Well, you can jumpstart your business credit building with up to $150,000 in cash credit cards that report to all three business reporting agencies. These cards do require a personal guarantee and good credit for approval, and also offer one of the easiest ways to get business financing without needing cash flow or collateral for approval. This program is also perfect for startups.



Auto Vehicle Financing with no PG

Through your finance suite, you can get approved for auto vehicle financing that doesn’t require a personal credit check or personal guarantee for approval. You can access multiple funding sources, and finance one or more vehicles in your business name with no consumer credit reporting. That means you can keep your personal credit for your personal use even while building better business credit and while getting the money you need for your business.



PayPal Revolving Credit Access

Get approved with revolving credit with PayPal without a personal guarantee or personal credit check. We help you get approved for a credit line with PayPal quickly and easily based solely on your PayPal processing history.


12-Months of Advisor Support

The finance suite provides you access to the only, full service Business Credit Advisor team in the business credit industry. Business Advisors provide concierge service, helping you through each step of the business credit building process. We’ll help coach you through the process, answer any questions you have as you build corporate credit, and help you bypass potential obstacles to expedite your business credit building.



Save 90% of Full Credit Monitoring

Monitor your business credit reports with Dun & Bradstreet and Experian Commercial for 90% less than working with the reporting agencies directly. With our credit monitoring integration, powered by Nav, you can get full access to your D&B and Experian business credit reports AND scores for only $27 monthly, saving you over $2,000 annually.



Secure Loans within 72 Hours

Get access to our cash-flow financing options so you can secure a business loan in 72 hours or less if you have revenue over $10,000 monthly now. You can get approved regardless of personal credit or collateral, and secure both loans and credit lines through this amazing funding program.



Get Loans with Rates of 5% and Less

Get access to over 20 funding programs with low rates, often ranging from 1-5% with no cash flow or personal credit requirements. All you’ll need to get approved is some type of collateral such as a 401k, stocks, bonds, an IRA, account receivables or purchase orders, inventory or equipment, commercial vehicles, or other types of viable collateral.



5-Years of Finance Officer Support

Our Finance Officer team will help you determine all the business loan and credit lines you can get approved for now. And, they’ll also create your Finance Blueprint, mapping out a plan to get you the most amount of capital in the months and years to come. Your Finance Officers will find the best lenders for you, and even negotiate terms so you can get the lowest-rate, and longest terms on the loans and credit lines you secure. Whenever you need money now or in the future, your Finance Officers will jump into action to help you get the most money at the best terms.


English and Spanish Access

Get business credit, loans, and credit lines for your company by navigating our finance suite in either English, or Spanish. In one click you can easily convert your experience from English to Spanish, and you’ll be working with our bilingual finance and business credit advising teams.